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*Grey The Witch- is a NA, Modern day Fairy Tale, M/M romance, Fantasy novella.

For Judias Grey, living as a Male Witch isn't as magical as the T.V makes it seem.
After his marriage to a Prince fails, the Male Witch decides to migrate to the Mortal Realm where he lived comfortably for the past 500 years.
Now the year is 2018 and the death of a former Sorceress named Agatha, is causing all of her curses, spells and charms to become undone, including one to mask Judias' scent from assassins sent to kill him centuries ago.
Reunited with his ex-husband, Nathaniel Echoes, after an unsuccessful attempt on his life; Judias will have to return to the Magic Realm to seek not only Asylum but to help find out who's trying to kill him and if things couldn't get any more crazy; a psychotic Jester is kidnapping students from the local Magic School.
Unfortunately, Judias will learn the hard way that secrets once buried by Magic, do not stay buried for long.

*Scandals- a Fiction, Media Tie In, Novel.

(coming soon)