My FIRST Gay Erotic Novella!

As a self published Author I always do my best to push my writing boundaries whenever I can.

I have works of Fiction, three collections of original poetry, a book of monologues and dialogues and I am so excited to introduce my latest story Echo The Escort!

Check out the sexy cover below:

YES that is a butt you are looking at and there's a reason why I decided to make this the cover.

Echo is an Escort- a Gay Escort and he is proud to be an Escort! Many sex workers in various stories or short films, tend to become a sex worker due to a financial emergency and they hate every aspect of the job. Then they fall in love with a John-or client- and they are rescued from this career and live happily ever after.

Not. In. This. Story!

Echo loves being an Escort and yes he became one to afford college tuition, but once he made enough money he decided to drop out of college and continue with his career.

He loves sex more than anything and being able to please men and get pleased himself is an amazing job for him!

A trope we see in many Gay stories is a Protagonist that is muscular, masculine and White. In this story Echo is Latino, a bottom, thick, feminine, uncircumcised and has a thick butt which he is proud to show off and proud to have men please.

Sure this story has sex in it, but there's a mystery in the first "chapter" which sees the protagonist Echo in a life and death situation. The next few chapters are told  in first person by Echo himself and they take place weeks before the event of the first chapter.

The story is full of graphic sex scenes (rimming, penetration, ejaculation on face-which Echo voices his disgust in) and there's vulgar language and an entire chapter of Echo masturbating.

Sex is something I had never written about before in my other works, but I wanted to show that there is a way to write a Gay Erotic story that has a plot and isn't just about men having sex with one another.

And unlike most stories with sex workers, Echo never got molested or raped as a child for him to fall into this career and in this story NO ONE gets sexually assaulted or raped.

This story is all about a man who is a proud Escort and loves not only sex but also managing his own career. It's a new take on creating your own family of friends and realizing that you are special in your own way.

Here is the official synopsis:

"Escorting is 60% sex and 40% emotional support".
That's the mantra Gay Escort, Echo strongly believes.
Being an Escort was a career he stumbled upon after escaping an abusive relationship when he was 18 years old.

After being discovered by the CEO of Somin Agency, Noah Fernine and offered a Part Time position as an Escort, Echo didn't think anyone would want to hire a feminine, stocky Gay Latino like himself. But he soon realized if he wanted to make his dream of being a 'groundbreaking' journalist come true, he'll have to get a high paying job.
So Echo takes the job with the idea of quitting after he saves enough money for tuition...but something happened unexpectedly. Echo found himself in love with being an Escort and he decided to put his dream on hold and pursue this amazing career!

Now at 28 years old, Echo is a sought out 'Bottom' for many Politicians, Sports Athletes and executives, but with high recognition comes unwanted advances and unexpected consequences.

Told through the eyes of Echo himself, this novella is full of explicit sexual encounters, profanity, sexual references and situations, drug references and a chapter of masturbation that proves just how wild Echo truly is!

I am more than happy to give out FREE EBook copies for anyone who's interested in reading this novella, sharing and reviewing it.

I just want readers and writers out there to know, that Gay Erotic stories can be written by Gay men too!

If you are interested in receiving a FREE copy of this story just fill out the form below explaining which version (PDF, EPUB or Mobi) and I'll gladly send it over through email!

I am excited and I hope you all have a great 2019!!

XOXOX Edwin B.