Grey The Witch *FREE* Giveaway!

In 2004, I created a story with a character named Judias Grey who was a Witch--that's right men can be Witches too- and in that story I created a world where an outsider was the hero society needed. Unfortunately after feeling like a failure, with tons of writers block I decided to give the story up.

Fast forward to 14 years later and Grey The Witch was born!

The Fantasy-Modern Fairytale-Young Adult novella (with a word count of about 33, 850) is about a Homoromantic Asexual Male Witch named Judias Grey who returns to the Magic Realm after 500 years because an old friend is murdered. He reunites with his ex-husband Prince/Knight Nathaniel Echoes and they are thrown into a crazy adventure. An adventure that deals with a killer Jester who is kidnapping students from Magic School.

The story takes place in the Summer of 2018 but the even (2,4,6...) chapters take place in the Past to show how Judias and Nathaniel met.

As mentioned, Judias is a Homoromantic- or 'Gay Ace' as he prefers- and being a Gay Ace myself, I felt this was essential to make my MC identify the same way. There is a clear definition of how Judias identifies as there are conversations he has with Nathaniel in the past and present about who he is.

My main point in creating this story was to make it a modern day Fairytale, or the LGBTQIA+ Once Upon A Time we never got.

There are familiar characters from Fairytale stories that make cameos and a few names I've dropped. Do you know the real name of the Beast from Beauty and The Beast? Trust me, that will come in handy. ;)

Because I have so much faith in this story I have decided to extend my Twitter giveaway from one week to ONE MONTH!

That's right! From 11/15 - 12/15, you will be able to read Grey The Witch for free!

I'm hoping this story reaches the right hands one day and those who feel like outcasts read it and see for themselves that they shouldn't at all be ashamed!

I want to thank you for reading this and you can download Grey The Witch in any format via the site here:

You can review it, message me on Twitter (@EdwinBWriter) so we can talk about the craziness or so I can answer questions you may have etc.

Happy Reading!

Happy Holidays!

And never stop smiling!

xoxo Edwin B.