From, A Homosexual Hazard!

If you read my previous post about the screenplays I've written then you'll be up to date for this post. If not, don't fear, you can read it here.

I came up with the concept for my play From, A Homosexual Hazard after I watched a rendition of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. I was inspired by the stories each woman told from all walks of life.

It inspired me to create my own version telling the struggles Gay Men have gone through. Of course the way I originally wrote it, kind of made it seem that I was going through those situations and that wasn't the case.

There are a few dialogues and monologues detailing what I went through (insecurities, abusive ex boyfriend, online dating) and what I'm still going through, but the rest are stories I've observed some Gay men go through.

From, A Homosexual Hazard is a book with monologues and dialogues told by six Gay men.

The six main characters all live in NYC and are from different walks of life all struggling with their own issues while having one thing in common: they're proud Homosexuals!

The topics discussed in this book are: Love, Death, Suicide, Marriage, Dating, Body Confidence, portrayals of Gay characters in TV shows and many more!

There are some emotional monologues (where one man reads a suicide note left by a teen and another is a monologue to his disapproving father) but the idea of From, A Homosexual Hazard, isn't to make you cry, but to make you see Gay men are just like everybody.

We go through our ups and downs sometimes quietly while we hide behind a smile, but one thing remains true, at the end of the day we are ourselves and proud to be!

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