Gays = Muscles (?)

If you follow me on Twitter (@EdwinBWriter), you'd know that I am very vocal when it comes to posts written by Gay men  that says:

"Fat guys disgust me!"

"UGH! I haven't been going to the gym, guess I'd gotta rely on my personality."

"Why did God make ugly Gays? Are they even considered Gays if they're ugly?"

"I'm not sure if fatties wanna suck my d*ck or eat it like a sausage. lol! That's why I don't mess with fatties."

There are many posts that even show men who are muscular with the caption "I'm obese AF! Now I'm ugly!"

These kind of tweets are disgusting especially coming from our community.

A community where LGBTQ+ youths commit suicide because of family rejection, solitude, depression or even body image.

The media and Hollywood makes it seem that in order to be Gay you have to be fit, have muscles and look like you belong in an Old Spice commercial riding a horse. I get that many men go to the gym because they want to look good and they eat well, for either health issues or their own being; I get that; I do. But when you're sitting there and thinking because you have muscles and post "thirsty" pictures on Twitter to seek validation, that you're better than EVERY Gay man that doesn't look like you, that behavior becomes toxic and disgusting.

It's affecting many Gay teens who feel they would only get a "lover" if they look a certain way and let's be honest, half of the men who look like models tend to only want hookups anyways.

I get that we're in the Golden Age of validation. Where a 'like' on a post and Retweets makes one a celebrity, and who doesn't love getting a compliment?

But when you think you're on a pedestal making you better than anyone else because of the way you look, remember:

a.) Looks fade

b.) It won't help you live longer

c.) See A and B again.

It's just annoying to see how disrespectful these men can be to other Gays. It's like these men are the Mean Girls in the Gay community, if you don't look a certain way then you can't sit with them. But in that same breath they must no amount of muscles or good looks can mask a shitty personality.

xoxox EddyBee!